Integrating Rational DOORS and Rational Insight

You can use the capabilities of IBM® Rational® Insight to report IBM Rational DOORS® data. You must configure an XML data configuration file, an ODBC data source, and the IBM Cognos® Data Manager catalog to implement the reporting integration.

Before you begin

Make sure that these components are installed:

About this task

When Rational DOORS and Rational Insight are integrated, data is extracted from the Rational DOORS database and loaded into the Rational Insight data warehouse, where it can be published in reports. You can designate specific projects, folders, modules, attributes, and link types for inclusion in the reports.

The components and capabilities of the integration are displayed in the following diagram.
The image shows how data from the DOORS server and database and is passed through the OSLC RM interface, the translation layer, and the ETL package to Rational Insight.
  1. Configuration of working set, mappings, and reportable shape.
  2. Query capabilities in the Rational DOORS OSLC RM interface.
  3. Conversion of OSLC RM to Reportable REST 1.1.
  4. Extract, transform, load package.
  5. Rational Insight reports.

The following topics contain detailed instructions to set up the integration. Begin by downloading the XML data configuration (XDC) file for Rational DOORS.