Creating alert messages

Customize the message that is displayed in the email that is sent to notify of weather alerts.

About this task

You associate a message template with an alert rule. The rule defines the alert criteria to match. The criteria definition might match a single alert or groups of weather alerts.


  1. From the side navigation menu, click Builder > Message builder and then click New message.
  2. Enter a name for the message template, such as Winter weather.
  3. Review the logical name for reference.
    The logical name of the rule uniquely identifies it in the system. This value is automatically generated based on the text that you enter in the Name field, but you can change the logical name until you save the rule for the first time. The logical name must be a unique name.
  4. Enter a description of the message template.
    This text is displayed next to the rule name in the template library.
  5. Optional: To activate the message template, set the status to Active.
    Activating a message template makes it visible and available to others in your organization after it is created. Incomplete message templates are not visible to general users even if they are activated. Message templates must be both complete and activated to be shown to others. If you deactivate a message template that is active, it is no longer available for others to use.
  6. Define the message that is sent to contacts by email in the HTML editor.
    1. On the Configure content page, update the message text as required.
      You can use any of the variables in the Details panel in the alert message (see message example.)
    2. Optional: Change the language. A default message template is provided for each of the languages.
  7. Click Save.


A message template is created.


Dear {{ContactFirstName}} {{ContactLastName}},

From Company123 for {{AssetIdentifier}}.

A {{CriteriaDescription}} has been issued for your location. {{CriteriaDetailedDescription}}


We're providing this information as a service to you, so that you may take any action you consider appropriate to prepare yourself and protect your property.

Click here to see the detailed forecast in your area.

Please stay safe!
Your friends at Company123.

What to do next

Associate the message with a weather alert or a group of weather alerts when you define an alert rule by using the Rule builder.