Power Disruption Index


  • Domain Portfolio: Forecast
  • Domain: Lifestyle - Indices
  • Usage Classification: Standard
  • Geography: Global
  • Attribution Required: n/a
  • Attribution Requirements: n/a

Your content licensing agreement with TWC® determines the number of days returned in the API response and is constrained by the API Key that is provided to your company.

The Forecast Indices API is sourced from the TWC Forecast system. The Power® Disruption index provides indices indicating the potential for power disruptions due to weather.

HTTP Headers and Data Lifetime - Caching and Expiration

For details on appropriate header values as well as caching and expiration definitions, please see The Weather Company® Data | API Common Usage Guide.

URL Construction

Atomic API URL Examples:  

Request by Geocode (Latitude & Longitude): Required Parameters: geocode, language, format


Aggregate Product Name
https://api.weather.com/v2/indices/powerDisruption/daypart/15day?geocode=33.74,-84.39&language=en-US&format=json&apiKey=yourApiKey v2idxPowerDaypart15

Request by Postal Code: Required Parameters: postalCode, countryCode, language, format


Aggregate Product Name
https://api.weather.com/v2/indices/powerDisruption/daypart/15day?postalCode=94608&countryCode=US&format=json&language=en-US&apiKey=yourApiKey v2idxPowerDaypart15
Power Disruption Index - Daypart API  

Data Elements & Definitions

Table 1.
API Name Field Name Description Type Range Sample Nulls Allowed Usage
Repeating Elements: Unique to Forecast              
  fcstValid Time forecast is valid ... start of the forecast period, always 7am local time. [epoch]   1369306800 N Display As Provided
  fcstValidLocal Time forecast is valid ... start of the forecast period, always 7am local time. [ISO]   2013-05-23T07:00:00-0400 N Display As Provided
Repeating Elements: Common Per Time Segment              

Daypart Segment (12hour) - Sequential daypart number, where 1 = daytime of Day 0

Long - Range - Sequential hour number, where 1 = first available hour of forecast, usually <= 1hr from “now”

[integer]   21 N Display As Provided
  dayInd Day / Night Indicator [string] D,N D N Display As Provided
  daypartName Name of 12hr daypart, not including day names in first 48hrs [string]   Tomorrow N Display As Provided
Atomic Indices              
Power Disruption Index powerDisruptionCategory Descriptive text of Power Disruption Index [string]   Low N Display As Provided

Index indicating the potential for power disruptions due to weather.

0=none, 1=low, 2=moderate, 3=high, 4=very high

[integer] 0-4 1 N Display As Provided

JSON Sample

JSON Sample - Daypart


"metadata": {},

"powerDisruptionIndex12hour": {

"fcstValid": [],

"fcstValidLocal": [],

"dayInd": [],

"num": [],

"daypartName": [],

"powerDisruptionIndex": [],

"powerDisruptionCategory": []



{//JSON payload},

{//JSON payload},

{//JSON payload},

{//JSON payload},

{//JSON payload},

{//JSON payload},

{//JSON payload},