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The Almanac API is a public API. The almanac information for this API is sourced from National Weather Service observations stations from a time period spanning 10 to 30 years or more. The information is gathered and provided by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and is re-distributed to all TWC® platforms.

HTTP Headers and Data Lifetime - Caching and Expiration

For details on appropriate header values as well as caching and expiration definitions, please see The Weather Company® Data | API Common Usage Guide.

Atomic Endpoints Aggregate Product Names
v3/wx/almanac/monthly/1month v3-wx-almanac-monthly-1month
v3/wx/almanac/monthly/3month v3-wx-almanac-monthly-3month
v3/wx/almanac/monthly/6month v3-wx-almanac-monthly-6month

URL Construction

Note: month is a required parameter for the ‘1month’ endpoint. startMonth is a required parameter for ‘3month’ and ‘6month’ endpoints.

Request by Geocode: Required Parameters: geocode, units, format, startMonth or month, apiKey*<geocode>&format=<format>&units=<units>&startMonth=<startMonth>&apiKey=yourApiKey,-84&format=json&units=h&startMonth=12&apiKey=yourApiKey

Request by IATA Code: Required Parameters: iataCode, units, format, startMonth (month for 1 month endpoint), apiKey*<iataCode>&format=<format>&units=<units>&startMonth=<startMonth>&apiKey=yourApiKey

Request by ICAO Code: Required Parameters: icaoCode, units, format, startMonth or month, apiKey*<icaoCode>&format=<format>&units=<units>&startMonth=<startMonth>&apiKey=yourApiKey

Request by Place ID: Required Parameters: placeid, units, format, startMonth or month, apiKey*<placeid>&format=<format>&units=<units>&startMonth=<startMonth>&apiKey=yourApiKey

Request by Postal Key: Required Parameters: postalKey, units, format, startMonth or month, apiKey*<postalKey>&format=<format>&units=<units>&startMonth=<startMonth>&apiKey=yourApiKey

Valid Parameter Definitions

Table 1. Valid Parameter Definitions
Parameter Name Valid Parameter Value Description
month any valid month of the year, range 1-12, 1 Month data return any valid month of the year, range 1-12
startMonth any valid month of the year, range 1-12 any valid month of the year, range 1-12

Data Elements & Definitions

Note: Field names are sorted alphabetically in the table below for presentation purposes. The table below does not represent the sort order of the API response.

Field Name Description Type Range Sample Nulls Allowed
almanac array        
almanacInterval Defines the time interval the data was recorded: as a daily value, a monthly value, or an annual value; an average for the entire data set. [string] - D N
almanacRecordDate Date of the Almanac record [ISO] - 1231 N
almanacRecordPeriod Number of years compiling records [integer] - 30 Y
almanacRecordYearMax The Year that high was recorded [ISO] - 1984 Y
almanacRecordYearMin The Year that low was recorded [ISO] - 1983 Y
precipitationAverage The Average Precipitation amount to two decimal points of specificity [decimal] - 0.16 Y
snowAccumulationAverage The Average Snow accumulation to one decimal point of specificity [decimal] - 2.8 Y
stationId Unique identifier for a reporting station [string] - 93271 N
stationName The common name of the reporting station. The station name, usually a city or airport location, for a unique station Id. In some cases, the reporting station is not located in the city itself but in nearby locations such as military bases or official reporting facility. [string] - VAIL Y
temperatureAverageMax The Average High temperature [integer] - 54 Y
temperatureAverageMin The Average Low temperature [integer] - 32 Y
temperatureMean The Mean Temperature for the period [integer] - 43 Y
temperatureRecordMax The Record High for the day [integer] - 75 Y
temperatureRecordMin The Record Low for the day [integer] - 11 Y

JSON Sample

// Response Collapsed for Presentation Purposes