Alerting concepts

Review the following concepts to understand the components that are used in Alerting.

Weather alerts

A catalog of weather alerts, formerly known as weather perils, is available in Environmental Intelligence Suite. Weather alerts are listed on the Samples tab of the Criteria builder and in the Catalog of weather alerts topic. Review the weather alerts that are applicable to each region and the weather alerts that are available globally.

An administrator at each customer site activates weather alerts as required. If you are migrating from the Alerts Console, an alert rule is created for your existing set of weather alerts, but you must activate each alert rule.

Alert notifications

To send a notification for a weather alert, you must configure an alert rule. In the rule, you can configure a notification for a single weather alert, for example, NWS_FLOOD_WARNING, or a set of alerts, for example, winter_weather_alerts. Notifications can be sent as a JSON payload to an HTTP endpoint or as email to contacts. You can send notifications to the Action center. Weather alerts that meet the criteria are displayed in an Alerts table in the Action center.


A criteria definition can match a single weather alert, or it might match multiple weather alerts. For example, you might match all winter weather alerts in a criteria definition and name it winter_weather_alerts. You can also create definitions that include other criteria definitions. In the API, the criteria definitions are referred to as savedFilters.

When you create a criteria definition, you can choose a language override for the message that is sent to contacts. The following languages are supported:
  • English (default)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish

Message templates

You can customize the format and the content of the email message for each alert rule. You can use the Message builder to customize the default template or define your own message content.

Alert rules

The alert rule connects the notification method to a criteria definition. When an alert rule is activated, notifications are sent for the weather alerts that meet the criteria for the rule. Notifications are sent to HTTP endpoints, to contacts who are subscribed to the criteria, and to the Action center.


A contact is defined by a first name, last name, and email address. Contacts are associated with asset locations. Criteria are assigned to contacts in an alert subscription.

Alert subscriptions

Alert subscriptions bind specific contacts to specific criteria definitions. For example, if the contact called Jane subscribes to all winter_weather_alerts, Jane is notified of all winter alerts.


An asset represents a location such as the head office, which is defined by geographic coordinates.