Exporting files and folders to ClearCase

You can export files and folders from IBM® Engineering Workflow Management to ClearCase® . Exported files and folders are checked in to an existing VOB.

Before you begin

The Engineering Workflow Management component that contains files to be synchronized with ClearCase must be readable and writeable by the synchronization process Engineering Workflow Management account in order for a synchronization request to succeed.

It is recommended as a good practice to initially export a small set of files and folders to verify that the synchronization host is configured properly. After these roots have been successfully exported, you can select a parent synchronization root that is located above all of the initial synchronization roots. After that parent has been exported, the child synchronization roots can be removed from the list for that synchronized stream.

Note: You must be logged on to a host that has access to the ClearCase view that is associated with the synchronized stream.

About this task

To export files and folders from Engineering Workflow Management to ClearCase , you deliver them to the synchronized stream and then use the Select Files To Synchronize window to specify files and folders to export. Exports, like imports, are handled by the synchronization process. The initial synchronization adds the files and folders to ClearCase source control. Subsequent synchronizations treat them like any other artifact in a synchronized stream. Changes made in ClearCase are applied to the ClearCase Synchronized tream, and changes made in the synchronized stream are applied to ClearCase .
Attention: During the export, Engineering Workflow Management components are automatically mapped to VOBs and UCM components. If this mapping cannot be done (for example, if no suitable VOB is mounted on the synchronization host), the synchronization is blocked until the problem is resolved. For more information, see How exports are mapped to VOBs and UCM components.
ClearCase places more restrictions on component names than Engineering Workflow Management. The name of any Engineering Workflow Management component that contains files that you want to export to ClearCase must conform to these rules:
  • It must contain only letters, digits, and the special characters underscore (_), period (.), and hyphen (-)
  • It must not have a hyphen as the first character of a name.
  • It must not be an integer; this restriction includes octal and hexadecimal integer values. However, noninteger names are allowed.
  • It must not be one of the special names ".", ",", "..", or "...".
If you want to select files or folders to synchronize from a Engineering Workflow Management component whose name does not conform to these rules, change the name of the component first. After the files and folders have been successfully synchronized, the component can be renamed or restored to its original name, without disrupting synchronization of files in it.


To export files or folders:

  1. Open the Engineering Workflow Management client.
  2. Add the component that contains the files or folders to the synchronized stream. For more information, see Adding and removing components and Delivering change sets.
    Until a component is in the synchronized stream, files and folders in it cannot be synchronized with ClearCase .
    Note: If you previously selected a snapshot as the initial content when setting up a ClearCase Synchronized tream, adding components might not be necessary.
  3. Open the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view and select the stream to which you delivered the project in Step 2.
  4. Click the Select Files to Synchronize (Select Files to Synchronize icon) icon.
  5. On the Select Files To Synchronize page, click Select files and folders in Jazz.
    • To browse for files and folders in the synchronized stream, click Browse. If files or folders are not displayed in the window, verify that the respective component is in the synchronized stream (see Step 2). When you have finished selecting files and folders, click OK to close the browser and display the selected paths in the list of Files and folders to synchronize.
    • To select files and folders manually, enter the path name of a component root folder that exists in the synchronized stream and then click Add. Path names have the form:
      so the path name of a folder named org.example.tests.junit in a Engineering Workflow Management component named Tests would be:
    Note: When you select a folder, that folder and the entire subtree under it are selected for export.
    If you want, you can use the Remove and Edit buttons to modify selected path names after they have been added.
  6. When you are finished selecting files and folders, click Finish to request synchronization.


Files and folders in the selected components are exported to ClearCase as UCM components or VOB folders. In the example in Step 5, a folder named org.example.tests.junit is added to the UCM component named Tests, or created as a subfolder of the VOB whose VOB tag is Tests, depending on how the synchronized stream is defined.