Configuring the extension

After you install the chrome extension, you must associate a GitLab repository with EWM to open a work item picker in any merge request of that GitLab repository.

About this task

The following instructions are local to your system and does not modify the registered GitLab repository in EWM server. Contact your EWM administrator to check whether a GitLab repository is registered in that server. To allow creation of merge request links to EWM work items when merge request is created, the EWM and GitLab administrators must complete the steps to integrate a GitLab repository with EWM. For more information, see Configuring traceability from work items to GitLab Merge Requests


  1. Open the GitLab repository home page.
  2. Click the EWM extension button.
  3. Click the link to associate this GitLab repository to an EWM server URL.
  4. 4. Enter the EWM server URL, for example, https://localhost:9443/ccm, and then click Save.
  5. Click OK to confirm the association.
  6. Edit the associated EWM server URL
    1. Click the EWM extension button.
    2. Click Edit to modify the EWM server URL.
    3. Click Delete to delete the association between GitLab and EWM repository.