Managing my future work

The Future Work section in My Work view contains all open work items that do not belong to a current iteration. Items are grouped by iteration. Work items that are not planned for an iteration are shown in the Unassigned group at the end the section. You can sort work items in this section by priority (high to low) or by modification date (work items with the more recent changes are listed first).

Before you begin

Add My Work view if it is not currently displayed. Click Window > Show View > Other > Work Items > My Work.

About this task

To display the Future Work section, click the Down Arrow icon (View menu) in the My Work view toolbar and select Visible Sections > Future Work. For basic actions and behavior in this section, see the common features list in Managing work items in My Work view. These features include displaying work item descriptions and properties, modifying properties, saving changes, reading alerts, navigating to a work item in the editor, and showing recent news for a work item.

You can drag work items to a different future iteration; or right-click a work item, click Plan for, and select another iteration.