Submitting your changes for code review

As an author to begin code review, you must first submit your changes for review. To submit completed change sets for review, associate it with a work item and add team members as reviewers. The following procedure explains how to initiate code review by using the web client.

Before you begin

Ensure that your project area is configured with code review before you submit your changes for review. If not configured, contact your project area administrator to configure your project area for code review.
  • The Code Review page does not display content in Microsoft Internet Explorer if the browser is set to compatibility mode. To change the mode, click the Tools icon and select Compatibility View settings.
  • In older clients (before 7.0), you can still use the Submit for review action. In addition to approvals being added to code review they are also added to the work item. However, the work item approvals is no longer required and can be removed.

About this task

The typical workflow starts when a work item is assigned to an author. The author then creates change sets to complete the work item and initiates the code review by using the Submit for Review action.


  1. Before you start code review, you must associate your change sets to a work item and at least one change set must be complete. For more information, see Associating work items with existing change sets
  2. In the work item, click the Code Review tab and then click Submit for Review.
    The code review presentation is displayed according to the configuration settings done by your project area administrator. It is usually added to the Code Review tab for ease of access and usability.
  3. In the Submit for Code Review wizard:
    1. Select the target stream.
      In the Enter stream name field, enter a text string. Click to select the stream in the Matching items field, and then, click Next.
    2. Add one or more reviewers.
      In the Enter user name field, enter a text string and click Show All to search for the name of a reviewer. From the list of users displayed in the Matching users field, click to select one or more (use Ctrl key) reviewers, and then, click Add.
      The selected reviewers are displayed in the Selected users field.
    3. Optional: Enter a brief submit comment.
      This comment is included in the email notification and displayed in the Overview tab of the code review page.
  4. Click Finish.


The author is not allowed to add or remove change sets while code review status is 'In Review'. The reviewers receive an email notification with the link to access the code review page and the work item details.