Editing the process description

A process description describes the process, such as Scrum or Formal Project Management, that the project area uses. The IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) client for Eclipse IDE uses a different process description implementation than the web client uses. The process description implementation in the web client is the preferred way to create and maintain a process description.

About this task

In the EWM client for Eclipse IDE, the process description is stored as HTML content in an archive file. If a project area or team area has such an archive file, you can edit information about that archive file. You can also modify the path to the HTML content archive file. If the project area or team area does not contain an archive file, the Process Description section of the Overview tab contains only a link to the web client. See Managing process descriptions and practices for details about creating and maintaining process descriptions in the web client.


  1. Open one of the following artifacts:
    • A project area from the Team Artifacts view.
    • A team area from the Team Organization view.
  2. On the Overview tab, click the Edit Process Description button.This graphic shows the Edit Process Description icon.
    The Edit Process Description button is available only in project areas or team areas that have legacy archive files attached.
  3. Edit the process name, summary, or the path to an index page in a content .zip archive named processContent.zip, and click Save.

    The .zip archive must be an attachment named processContent.zip. You can provide translated content in files named processContent[_locale].zip. For instance: processContent_en_US.zip.

  4. Click the Edit Process Description button again to exit edit mode and collapse the Process Description area.