Delivering changes in Basic mode

When you make a change to a file or folder, it is checked in to the repository automatically and your work is saved, but the change is not delivered to the team stream, so other team members cannot see your changes. You must deliver your changes to make your work available to your team.

About this task

You can deliver one or more files and folders at the same time and you can add a descriptive comment for the changes that you deliver. You can also associate a work item with the files or folders when you deliver them. You can make multiple changes to a file or folder while it is associated with a work item.


  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to a file or folder in your work area folder that you want to deliver to the team stream.
  2. Right-click the file or folder; then click Engineering Workflow Management > Deliver.
  3. In the Edit check-in comment window, type a comment and click OK.
  4. In the Select Work Items window, associate a work item with the change and click OK. The changes to the file or folder are delivered to the team stream.
  5. Optional: To deliver all changes for your work area, right-click the Engineering Workflow Management Shell icon in the notification area; then click Work with Team > Deliver all changes.