Associating work items with change sets in Advanced mode

If you associate a work item with a change set, you can use the work item to verify the changes that are made to that change set during the lifecycle of the work item. You can also verify changes to other change sets that are associated to the work item.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, navigate to the change set in the Outgoing folder. Right-click the change set and click Associate Work Item.
    Note: You can also associate a work item from the menu of a file or folder. To check if the file is outgoing, right click the file; then click Status. If one of the states is outgoing, then the Associate Work Item menu option is available.
  2. In the Select Work Items window complete one of the following tasks:
    • If a work item that is related to the change set exists, enter the work item ID or summary text, and click OK. You can filter work items by selecting an option from the Matching work items list or by selecting the check boxes.
    • To create a work item, click Create new work item. Enter the work item details and click OK.
    Tip: You can set a work item as the current work item and manage the current work item from the tray icon. You can set the current work item from the Work Item History node on the Manage Artifacts page. You can set a different current work item for each sandbox. When you switch sandboxes, the current work item changes. The current work item is also visible in the pop-up notification area from the tray icon.

What to do next

Deliver the change set.