Loading repository workspaces

Load the contents of a repository workspace into a sandbox so that you can work with project contents. When you no longer need local copies of the folders that the workspace contains, unload it.

About this task

When you create a repository workspace, you can load it immediately. You can also load or unload a repository workspace at any time. Loading a repository workspace copies all of the components in the workspace into the current sandbox. When you unload a workspace, all of the files and folders from your sandbox are deleted, including files that you created but never checked in.


  1. In the Team Concert MS-SCCI Control Panel window, click Load Repository Workspace.
  2. In the Select a Stream or Workspace window, select a stream or workspace and click OK.
  3. On the Load Repository Workspace page, specify a sandbox location.
  4. To load components from the repository workspace:
    1. Select Load components from workspace and click Next.
    2. On the Repository folders to load page, choose folders to load and click Finish.
  5. To load the sandbox from a load rule file:
    1. Select Load from a load rule file and click Next.
    2. On the Load from load rule file page, specify the location of the load rule file and click Finish.
  6. To reload out of synch components:
    1. Select Reload folders that are out of synch. Local changes will be overwritten and click Next.
    2. Select the projects that are out of synch and click Finish.
  7. Click Finish.


The selected folders are loaded into your sandbox.