Importing branches after you import the trunk

The Subversion importer supports the import of branches from repositories that follow the conventional structure (with the trunk, branches and tags folders at the same level in the Subversion repository).

About this task

After you have imported the trunk of a Subversion repository, you can import branches. Importing a branch into its own repository workspace provides the most flexibility when working with the imported branch.

To import a branch:


  1. Create a new repository workspace that includes the component baseline that selects the branch point that you want to import.
    The component baselines were created when you imported the trunk and selected Create baselines for branch and tag points. For more information, see Importing a Subversion dump file.
    1. Create a new, empty repository workspace.
      For more information, see Creating new repository workspaces.
    2. Add the component baseline that represents the branch point.
      Use the repository workspace editor to add components to the new workspace. In the Search for components window, select Component baseline and search for baselines whose names begin with "Base of".
    3. From the list of baselines, select the baseline whose name contains the name of the Subversion folder that contains the branch. Click Finish.
    4. Click Save to save your changes and load the baseline into the new workspace.
  2. Import the branch.
    In Step 6 of Importing a Subversion dump file, select Select a component in an existing repository workspace and choose the workspace and component you created in Step 1 of this procedure.
  3. Click Finish to begin the import.
  4. In the Import from SVN wizard, on the Choose SVN folders to import page, select Import the child folders of the selected SVN folders as top-level folders in the target Jazz component. Add the folders to import and complete the wizard.
    Note: You cannot import a direct child folder of the branches folder or tags folder because these child folders represent branch or tag names.