Filtering subsets displayed in Team Artifacts

The Team Artifacts view displays all build subsets that are visible to you. As you create build subsets, the list can become large. You can create a filter to limit the subsets displayed based on their build definitions.

Before you begin

You must have already created an IBM® i or a z/OS® dependency build definition. For details, see Creating a dependency build definition.


  1. From the Team Artifacts view, expand your project area, and then the Enterprise Extensions node.
  2. Right-click Build Subsets and click Filters.
    The Build Subset Filters dialog opens.
  3. To filter the display of subsets, select the check box for Display only the subsets that specify these build definitions in the Build Subset Filters dialog.
  4. Select the build definitions that are specified by the subsets to limit the display.
  5. Click OK.


Only the build subsets that specify the build definitions you selected are displayed in the Team Artifacts view.