Duplicating subsets displayed in Team Artifacts

You can duplicate any existing subset from the context menu in Team Artifacts.

Before you begin

You must have already created a build subset. The Team Artifacts view displays all build subsets that are visible to you.


  1. From the Team Artifacts view, expand your project area, and then the Enterprise Extensions node.
  2. ExpandBuild Subsets and expand either My Subsets or Shared Subsets.
  3. Right-click the build subset to duplicate and click Duplicate .
  4. The The Build Subset editor opens, with all of the initial settings matching the subset you clicked.
  5. Specify a name for this duplicated subset, and make any necessary changes to the subset.
  6. Click Save, and in the Team Artifacts view, right-click Enterprise Extensions and click Refresh.


The new build subset is available in either the My Subsets folder or Shared Subsets folder, depending on ownership.