Organizing streams into folders

You can organize Jazz® streams into folders. You can create, rename, move, and delete folders that contain streams

Before you begin

You must have Artifact Folder Management permission. To set this permission, open your project area, and select Process Configuration. In the Configuration pane, select Team Configuration > Perimssions. In the Roles field, select the role you want to assign permissions to, and in the Permitted actions field, select General > Artifact Folder Management, and click Save.
Artifact folder management permission


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the project folder, and Source Control folder. You can see three folders under the Source Control folder: All Components, All Streams, and All Source Control Queries:
    source control folders
  2. To create a folder:
    1. Right-click the Source Control folder; then click New Folder.
    2. In the New Folder window, name the folder. Notice that your new stream folder appears under the All Streams folder.
      New stream folder
  3. To move a stream folder (or a stream), drag the item to the destination folder. Note that the stream still remains in the All Streams folder. The same stream can be stored in many folders at the same time:
    Steam in multiple folders
  4. To rename a folder:
    1. Right-click the folder; then click Rename Folder....
    2. In the Rename Folder window, rename the folder and click OK.
  5. To delete a folder or hierarchy of folders:
    1. Right-click the folder; then click Delete.
    2. If the folder contains streams, a dialogue appears stating that The folder you are removing has children. Do you want to continue and remove all the children too?. Click Yes.