Viewing change sets associated with work items

A work item is not only a task that is assigned to a team member; but it is a placeholder for all its associated change sets. Viewing the change sets that are associated with a work item helps you to understand the changes that happened throughout the lifecycle of the work item.


  1. In the Team Artifacts tool window, expand the project area, navigate to the Work Items folder and run a query.
    Alternatively, in the Work Items tool window, run a predefined query.
  2. In the Work Items tool window, right-click a work item and click Explore Change sets.
    If change sets are not associated with the work item, this option will be unavailable.
    The change sets open in the Engineering Workflow Management Search tool window.

What to do next

Now, you can right-click a change set to do any of the following operations:
  • Open Work Items: Opens the work items associated with the change set in the internal Web browser.
  • Open in Change Explorer: Opens the change set in the Change Explorer tool window.
  • Reverse: Reverses the changes made in the selected change set.
  • Accept: Accepts a change set if not already accepted.
  • Edit comment: Adds a comment, if not there. You can also edit a comment.
  • Remove Work Item: Removes the work item associated with the change set.
  • Associate Work Item: Associates a work item with the change set.