Discarding change sets

If you think that the change set is invalid or could cause problems in the project code, you can discard it. You can discard either a outgoing change set or an accepted change set.

About this task

To discard an accepted change set, in the History tool window, right-click the change set and click Discard. To confirm the change, click Yes.


To discard a outgoing change set:

  1. In the Pending Changes tool window, navigate to a change set in the Outgoing folder.
  2. To discard the changes, right-click the change set and click Discard.
    If you discard a change set with some unresolved changes available in Unresolved, a confirmation dialog box is displayed. Click Check-in and Discard to check in the changes to the change set being discarded and then to discard the change set. Otherwise, click Discard to discard the change set without checking in the changes. Another dialog box is displayed to reload the file, click Yes to reload the file.
  3. To confirm the change, click Yes; otherwise click No.