Accepting incoming change sets

Incoming change sets are the changes that are delivered by your team members to the current flow target of your repository workspace. The incoming change sets are displayed in the Incoming folder of the Pending Changes window.

About this task

Checking in changes adds them to a change set associated with your repository workspace. You can continuously change files and check them in. The changes are in your repository workspace and are not shared with  team members until you deliver the change set.

Check in changes to prevent them from being overwritten. If you accept changes that modify the same files, your changes are overwritten, unless you have checked them in to your repository workspace. If your conflicting changes  are checked in, you can use merge tools to resolve the conflict (allowing you to keep the incoming changes as well as your changes).

Also check in changes to back them up. Then, if you lose files on your file system, you can re-load your sandbox and synchronize with your repository workspace.


  • To add incoming change sets to your workspace, accept them. To accept all the incoming change sets, right-click Incoming and click Accept.
    Tip: To view change sets grouped by incoming work items, at the top of the Pending Changes window, click the arrow beside the search field; then click Show Incoming Work Items.
  • To accept individual incoming change sets:
    1. Navigate to the component's Incoming folder and review the change sets.
      You can open the work item that is associated with the change set to learn more about the change set. If the change set includes a potential conflict, Engineering Workflow Management source control places an orange icon Potential conflict icon beside the folders that include the conflict.
    2. To accept the incoming change set into your repository workspace, right-click the change set and click Accept.