Creating sandboxes in Advanced mode

Sandboxes are directories in your file system. You can create an empty sandbox, so that you can work with local copies of any files and folders in the repository. You can also create a sandbox when you load a repository workspace or share a folder.

About this task

Important: You should not share a folder that is located at a root directory, such as C:\, because the system automatically selects the root directory as the sandbox location.


  1. From the Manage Artifacts window, right-click Sandboxes; then click New Sandbox.
    Tip: To create a new sandbox using the Engineering Workflow Management Shell tray icon, right-click the icon; then click Get Started with Engineering Workflow Management > New Sandbox.
  2. In the New Sandbox window, in the Sandbox location field, type a new sandbox location.
  3. Click OK.
  4. If you are prompted to set a new sandbox location, click OK.