Viewing compilation results

For commands that produce events files, their compilation results are available after a build is finished. The build retrieves the events files and parses the results.

About this task

Compilation results are shown in the Compilation tab of the Build Result Editor. In order to produce an events file, make sure you specify the parameter OPTION(*EVENTF) with your command in the build specification if this parameter is supported.

To look at the compilation results:


  1. Open the build result in the build result editor if it has not been opened yet. To open the build result:
    1. From the Team Artifacts view, expand the node for the project area; then expand Builds folder and locate a build definition in the list.
    2. Right-click the build definition name to bring up the popup menu. Click Show Build Results to bring up the Builds view.
    3. Find the build result in the list. The label of the result is the timestamp when the build is submitted.
    4. Double-click the build result to open the build result in the Build Result Editor.
  2. Select the Compilation tab.
  3. The Compiles section lists all source members that have compilation errors or warnings.
  4. Select a source member from the list, the details of the errors or warnings are shown in the Compile Output section.
  5. Select radio buttons Errors or Warnings, the corresponding results are shown in the table.