Viewing plans associated to a work item

Viewing a work item in the context of a plan helps you in several ways, such as determining the iteration and plan the work item is planned for, viewing all the child work items of a plan item, and changing the priority, estimated time, and work item type without opening the work item.

Before you begin

You must assign an iteration to the work item.


  1. Run a query to retrieve work items.
  2. In the Work Items view, right-click a work item and click Show Work Item in Plan. The plan opens in the web client.
    Tip: Plans open in the web client only. You can choose to open plans in an internal or external browser by setting the web browser preferences in Eclipse client. For more information, see Web Browser preferences in the Eclipse documentation.
    • If the work item is planned for multiple plans in a team area or iteration, the Select Plans window opens. Select a plan and click OK.
    • If the work item is planned for only one plan, the work item opens in that plan.
    • If there is no iteration assigned to the work item, the Show Work Item in Plan option is disabled.
    • If the work item is planned for an iteration, and the team or project does not have a plan created, the user has the option to create the plan.