Linking plans to artifacts in Configuration Management-enabled projects areas

If your organization uses the Global Configuration Management application to manage versioned artifacts in other applications, such as Quality Management and Requirements Management, you can link plans to specific versions of those artifacts.

Before you begin

  • To enable linking in plans, the plan's iteration must be associated to a release that is linked to a global configuration. If the plan's iteration is not associated to a release that is linked to a global configuration, the plan uses the global configuration of the nearest parent in the timeline tree.
  • To enable linking of work items to specific versions of artifacts in other applications, you must associate a release with a global configuration, and you must map link types to a work item attribute of type deliverable on the OSLC Link/Attribute Mapping page of the project area editor. For more information, see Enabling linking of work items to versioned artifacts.

About this task

To link a plan to versioned artifacts in other applications:


  1. From the plan, click the Links tab.
  2. Click the Add Link (Add Link) icon, and then click Implements Requirement Collection to link to a requirements collection or click Tested by Test Plan to link to a test plan.
  3. In the selection windows, click the project area and artifact that you want to link to. To narrow the results, type text into the Search field or filter the artifacts.
  4. Click OK and then save the plan.


The link to the requirements collection or test plan displays in the Link Type column.
Note: When you expand the requirement collection node, work items that are linked to the requirements are displayed, including work items that are neither in the plan or linked to the specific version of the requirements in the requirement collection.

What to do next

  • The Plan editor supports colorized work items that are based on test case status with links to versioned test cases. For more information on colorizing work items, see Creating and editing plan views.
  • When a plan is linked to a versioned requirements collection, the Plan editor supports creating work items from the requirements in that collection.