Migrating Engineering Workflow Management Enterprise Extensions source code data

Since Rational Team Concert version 6.0.2, the server stores Enterprise Extensions source code data in a different format than in previous versions and releases. If you upgrade from a version prior to V6.0.2, migration to the new format occurs when the server starts.

About this task

Although source code data migration occurs in the server, you can define advanced server properties to control the migration process:
Enterprise Extensions Source Code Data Migration Priority File
The location of a file specifying the migration priority source code data associated with build definitions. The file must be in a location where IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) has the authority to read it. The file must be written in UTF-8.

The file content is strings that specify the name or the UUID of a team area, process area, or streams. Separate end each entry with a semicolon. Separate streams, team areas, or process areas, which have been assigned with the same priority with a comma. This file is also shared by the build maps migration task.

The following is an example of the prioritization file:
mortgage build definition;
To specify the advanced properties, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to the Administration page of the change and configuration management (CCM) application.
  2. Point your web browser to https://[fully qualified hostname]:9443/ccm/admin. The [fully qualified hostname] is the host name along with the DNS domain reference of the machine on which the CCM application is installed.
  3. On the Administration page, click the Application tab.
  4. In the Configuration section, click Advanced Properties.
  5. Click the property Enterprise Extensions Migration Priority File to edit its value to point to the file that will be used at startup.
  6. In a Current Value field, type or select a new property value.
  7. Click Save.

You can track the progress of the source code data migration through the Enterprise Extensions events feed. An Enterprise Extensions feed is created when you connect to a repository using Engineering Workflow Management in the Eclipse client. When you disconnect from the repository, the feed is no longer available. To view the feed, follow these steps:


  1. in the Team Artifacts view, expand Feeds.
  2. Right-click Enterprise Extensions Events on host, where host is the repository where the source code data migration occurs.
  3. Click Open to display the migration events in the editor.


If source code data is migrated, then after migration is completed and builds are verified to function correctly, the old information storing source code data might be deleted to save resources on the server. Refer to Repository tools command for permanently deleting resources for the fully documented command.
Note: The command format should be like repotools-ccm -deleteJFSResources storageAreaURL=storage/team_enterprise_scd force.