Ranking work items

You can rank work items to prioritize them according to your requirement or expected business value. Plans that are created with Rational® Team Concert® 4.0.5 or later use explicit ranking, where the rank can be edited independently of any other attribute. Plans that are created prior to Rational Team Concert 4.0.5 use attribute-based ranking, where the rank is related to the value of an attribute, such as priority.

About this task

If you have existing plans from releases prior to Rational Team Concert 4.0.5, you can migrate from attribute-based ranking to explicit ranking. Attribute-based ranking uses priority, severity, story points, or user-defined attributes as the primary sort attribute and rank as the secondary sort attribute. Explicit ranking uses rank to sort work items.

Important: To migrate an existing plan from attribute-based ranking to explicit ranking, click the Migrate Rank icon (Migrate Rank icon). This action is unavailable if the ranking is already migrated. If you decide to revert back to attribute-based ranking after migrating plans to explicit ranking, you can change the ranking mode in the Plan Details section. New plans use explicit ranking and do not have the option to switch to attribute-based ranking.