Linking work items to artifacts on remote repositories

You can link a work item to other artifacts that are stored on different repositories that link by using the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specification. You can link to artifacts such as requirements, test cases, or test plans.

Before you begin

You must configure the Jazz® Team Servers that host the repositories to communicate with each other. You must also link the IBM Engineering Workflow Management client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE project areas. For more information, see Enabling Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration.
Note: Some applications support versioning of their artifacts by tracking the versions in configurations. A global configuration tracks multiple configurations. For example, a global configuration might include configurations from RM and QM project areas. If your organization uses the Global Configuration Management application to manage versioned artifacts in other applications, you can link work items to specific versions of those artifacts. To enable this linking, you must configure your project area accordingly. See Linking work items to artifacts in Configuration Management-enabled project areas.


  1. In the Work Item Editor, click the Links tab.
  2. In the Links section, click Add, then select an option, such as one of the following:
    • Implements Requirement
    • Tested By Test Case
    • Related Test Plan
  3. In the Add Link window, select the location of the remote artifact. If you are prompted to authenticate, log in by using your credentials for the server of the remote repository, which is displayed in the Authorization Required window.
  4. Select Select an Existing Change Request. If the artifact that you want to link to does not exist yet, select Create a New Change Request. Create a change request in the project that you selected, and then link to the change request.
  5. Click OK. The Work Item Selection window opens, with the name of the remote project area pre-populated.
  6. Find and select the change request to link to.
  7. Click OK.


The Links section of the work item is updated to show the related artifact link.