Linking between artifacts

Work items include a set of predefined link types for traceability. You can view the link types for a work item and create relationships between items by using the link menu on the Links tab.

Whether a link type is shown in the link menu depends on project association definitions and on whether the Change and Configuration Management (CCM) application is integrated with other products through an Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) integration, for example, IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next. If the projects exist on different servers, you must first establish cross-server communication by using OSLC services. For more information about OSLC services, and for information about other IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management) link types, see the related links at the end of this topic.

Table 1 describes the common work item link types in the CCM application. For the link-type pairs described in the table, for example, Add Blocks/Add Depends On and Set Parent/Add Child, creating a link type in one item automatically creates a backlink in the other item. In both items, the links are displayed in the Links section on the Links tab.

For more information about OSLC link types, see The OSLC Change Management (CM) Vocabulary and CM Resource Definitions.