Importing Bugzilla bugs

You can create work items based on the content of Bugzilla bug reports.


  1. In the Eclipse client, click File > Import.
  2. In the Import wizard, expand Team and select Bugzilla Bug Reports. Click Next.
  3. Specify the location of the bugs.
    This location is either the URL of a Bugzilla repository or a compressed file that contains bugs. For example,
  4. Specify the range of bugs to import. You can specify one bug, a range of bug numbers, or all the bugs that are associated with a product.
  5. If the repository requires authentication, select Server requires authentication, and enter a user name and password.
  6. In the Options section, specify whether to import the bugs directly into a project area or as XML data into a compressed file. If you import into a project area, select Use custom data mapping and specify an XML file to use to configure the mapping of the Bugzilla bug fields to the work item properties. To save the default XML file that is used for mapping, click Save Default As.
  7. To create a custom data mapping, click Compute from Data. The bugzilla_mapping.xml file opens. Modify this file to specify the mapping of Bugzilla attributes and values to Jazz® attributes and values.
    Restriction: The Description field can contain no more than 32,768 characters.
  8. In the XML File field, specify the modified XML file.
  9. Start the import by clicking Finish.