Exporting a template

You can make a work item template available for other project areas by exporting the template.

Before you begin

Sharing templates across project areas is accomplished by exporting the template from the source project area and importing it into the target project area. The Eclipse client provides export and import wizards for saving and loading templates to and from files.

When you export a template, the Export wizard warns you if the template contains any references to items that are specific to its project area and therefore cannot be imported into a target project area. You can still export the template to save a specific version on disk or to edit its specification. In general, it is best to export only templates with attributes that are not configured or customized in the process specification. Also, do not link to repository items, such as other work items and attachments, when you plan to use a template in project areas that are stored in a different repository. For more information about exporting work item templates, see http://jazz.net/library/article/555.


  1. In the Eclipse client, click File > Export.
    The Export wizard opens.
  2. On the Select page, expand Team and select Work Item Template. Click Next.
  3. On the Choose a Template page of the wizard, select a project area from the Project Area list. For the File field, click Browse and navigate to the folder and file name in which to store the exported template. Click Finish.
    The template is exported as an XML file.