Locking resources

You can lock files to prevent team members from modifying and delivering those files to a stream. When you lock a file that is in a repository workspace, the file is locked in the current flow target of the workspace.

Before you begin

To lock a resource, you must have an Engineering Workflow Management - Developer license and you must be in a team area.

About this task

After you lock a resource, a lock icon is displayed beside the resource.


  1. In the Solution Explorer window, select a resource or resources that you want to lock.
    Note: You can also lock a resource from the Pending Changes window, Repository Files window, or Sandbox Explorer window.
  2. Right-click the resource, and click Lock.
    Note: You can lock a resource in a stream in which it does not exist; such a lock will go into effect for that resource in that stream when the resource is added to that stream.
  3. Click OK.
    A locked resource can be unlocked by the user who has locked it or by a member of the JazzAdmin repository group.
    The locked resource will be displayed as incoming change set to other users.

What to do next

You can unlock a resource by right-clicking the resource and clicking Unlock. If you have permissions to destroy the file locks of other users, you can also force unlock files that have been locked by other users. To set permissions to destroy the file locks of other users, go to the Permissions page of the project area or team area and navigate to Source Control > Save Stream > Modify > Stream > Locking > Destroy file locks of others.