Adding projects to repositories

You can share projects, solutions, or top-level folders into Engineering Workflow Management source control components. You can share projects directly into components without sharing a solution first. If the solution you are sharing has projects that span across multiple top-level folders, after you make the component selection, the share wizard displays the folders that are already shared. You can also select multiple top-level folders for sharing. You can also share projects or solutions to a new or existing folder under a component.

Before you begin

You must select Jazz® Source Control as your default source control system.

In Microsoft Visual Studio, click Tools > Options > Source Control, and select Jazz Source Control from the list.


  1. To share projects, complete one of the following steps:
    • In the Solution Explorer tool window, right-click the solution or project and select Share Project(s) in Jazz.
    • When you create a project in Microsoft Visual Studio, in the New Project window, select the Share solution in Jazz check box.
    • Click Team Concert > Jazz Source Control > Share Project(s) in Jazz.
    • When you create a solution in Microsoft Visual Studio, on the status bar, click the Jazz Source Control option to add the solution to Engineering Workflow Management. The Jazz Source Control option is available regardless of whether it is set as the current source control provider in Microsoft Visual Studio.
    Note: To share a top-level folder in your sandbox, in the Sandbox Explorer window, right-click a top-level folder; then click Share Project(s) in Jazz. If you attempt to share a solution or project from a location other than a sandbox, you are prompted to select a sandbox.
  2. In the Share Project in Jazz wizard, on the Select Component page, select the repository from the list. If you are not connected to the repository in which you want to share the project, click Login. To create a repository connection, select New in the list of repository connections.
  3. Specify the repository workspace to use:
    • If you have an existing repository workspace and component in which you want to place the project, ensure that the Select a component in an existing repository workspace check box is selected. Expand the workspace and select a component. To place the project in a new component in an existing repository workspace, select the workspace and click New Component. Enter a name for the new component, click OK, and select the new component in the list. Click Next.
    • If you have not created a repository workspace, or you want to create one, select Create a new repository workspace named; enter a name for the workspace, and click Next. On the Select a Stream page, if you select Share with a component from an existing stream, select the stream and component that you want changes to flow to. If you select Just back up my work. Don't flow changes to a stream yet, your changes are backed up to a component with the same name as your new repository workspace. Click Next.
  4. On the Review Ignored Resources page, if you do not want to share certain files in Engineering Workflow Management source control, the wizard helps you to do so. The wizard consists of default ignore patterns. The list of patterns increments every time you add new ignore patterns.
    Note: When you add a solution to Jazz Source Control, the .vs folder that stores your Microsoft Visual Studio project temporary caches and build-related files is ignored by default.
  5. Click Finish.
    The added project is displayed in the Outgoing folder of the component in which you share the project.

What to do next

You must deliver the project to the Engineering Workflow Management source control so that the team too can work on it.