Migrating IBM i Projects

You must migrate any IBM® i Projects that were created using versions of Rational® Developer for i prior to Version 7.5.

Before you begin

If you are using workspaces that contain i Projects created using versions of Rational Developer for i prior to Version 7.5, you must migrate these projects to conform to the supported project format before you can share them using the Power Systems Software. The layout of the project metadata has changed to accommodate i Projects being shared to the Engineering Workflow Management repository.

The i Projects are not automatically migrated when the workspace is created. If an i Project has not been migrated, the text (Not Migrated) will appear with the project name.

About this task

To migrate an i Project:


Open the i Project Navigator view, select the project, right-click and select Migrate IBM i Project.
Figure shows context menu for Migrating IBM i Projects

What to do next

Projects that are not migrated can be checked into the user's personal repository workspace. However, these projects cannot be delivered into the stream until they are migrated because of the Prohibit Unsupported i Project Formats precondition on the Deliver operation.