Configuring pre-receive hooks in GitLab

You can configure pre-receive hooks on the GitLab Community or GitLab Enterprise server to enable process enforcement between GitLab and IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM).

About this task

On Linux, the Git repositories are located by default under /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories. The following steps assume that the GitLab repositories are in this location. Repeat this task for each Git repository. If there are existing hook scripts, manually merge the new scripts with the existing ones.


  1. Create a folder named custom_hooks under /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/repository-name.
  2. Copy the pre-receive hook file from EWM-git-integration-toolkit-install-folder/server/hooks/examples/gitlab/pre-receive to /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/repository-name/custom_hooks.
  3. Assign executable permission to the file: chmod +x pre-receive
  4. Open the pre-receive file in a text editor.
  5. Uncomment and set the following mandatory variables:
    Variable Description
    RTC_GIT_SERVER_TOOLKIT_PATH Absolute path to the folder where the EWM Git Integration Toolkit has been installed.
    GL_TOKEN Personal access token of a GitLab user.
    GL_SERVER The URL of the GitLab server.

    Instead of providing the values of GL_TOKEN and GL_SERVER, you can add those values to a file and provide the path to the file. For instance, in Linux, create a file under /opt/rtc-gitlab/tokenfile with the following content:

    GL_TOKEN=<replace with token generated from gitlab> 

    Then set the value for GL_INFO_FILEto /opt/rtc-gitlab/tokenfile.


    You must uncomment and set either the GL_INFO_FILE variable or the combination of GL_TOKEN and GL_SERVER variables. GL_INFO_FILE variable takes precedence over GL_TOKEN and GL_SERVER variables.

    You can also uncomment and set the following optional variables:
    Environment variable Description
    NODE_EXECUTABLE Optional: Absolute path to the node executable. Required if node executable cannot be found in the system path.
    RTC_GIT_SERVER_TRACE_LEVEL Optional: Logging level for the hooks. Set this value to 4 while you set up the integration. Revert it after you validate the integration.
    VERIFY_GITLAB_SSL_CERT Optional: Set the value to true if the GitLab server's certificate should be validated by the hook. Otherwise, set to false. The default is true. This option applies only if the GitLab server is configured with HTTPS.