Viewing version identifiers

You can view simple or full version identifiers for files that are stored in Engineering Workflow Management source control. The simple version is a numeric string that uniquely identifies a file version within a repository. The full version uniquely identifies a file version across all repositories. The full version is useful in a distributed source control environment where users make parallel changes to the same file in multiple repositories. In this environment, versions of the same file in different repositories can be assigned with the same simple version ID but the full version ID is always unique.

About this task

By default, you can view version IDs in the History and Check-in History view. You can also set a preference to view version IDs in the File Repository Explorer, Change Explorer, and Change Summary view.


  1. To display version IDs in non-default views, click Window > Preferences.
  2. In the left pane, navigate to Team > Jazz Source Control > Version Identifiers.
  3. On the Version Identifiers page, select the views that you want to display version identifiers.
  4. Optional: To view the full version ID, select Always show the full version identifier.
  5. Click Apply.