Viewing check-in history

When you browse the history of a file in the History view, you can view the history of each selected change. The Check-in History pane shows all check-ins that occurred to a file in a change set before the change set was completed. Engineering Workflow Management source control tracks every check-in, not only the final check-in.

Tip: Check in frequently. Do not accumulate local changes in your sandbox; check them into your repository workspace. Engineering Workflow Management source control detects each check-in separately, even when the check-in is performed against the same file in the same change set.


  1. To view the check-in history of a file, in the History view, in the upper-right corner, click the View Menu icon.
  2. Select Show Check-in History.
    The Check-In History pane displays each checked-in version of the file.


From the Check-in History pane, you can access and reload all of the immediate check-ins. An administrator can also permanently delete content from the repository.