Viewing the baseline history of components

In addition to viewing the history of a component as a list of change sets, you can also view it as a list of baselines.

About this task

Every component includes one or more baselines. The change history of a component can be displayed as an ordered list of the baselines that it includes. You can view the baseline history of a component in any workspace or stream.


  1. Select the component in a repository workspace or stream. Components are listed by name, in alphabetic order.
    Workspaces and streams are listed in the Team Artifacts view. Workspaces are also listed in the Pending Changes view. You can view or edit the history of a component in either a workspace or a stream, but there are more editing options available for a component in a workspace.
  2. Right-click the component and click Show Baselines to see the history of the baselines for the component.
    For each baseline that is included in the component, the History view lists the comment, creator, the date and time that the baseline was created, the date and time that the baseline was added to the history, and who added the baseline. Move your mouse pointer over a component icon in the History view to see more information about the baseline.
    Note: In some cases, a component might have more than one copy of a specific baseline. This is a potential side effect of various operations, including the Replace option, and does not affect component integrity.
  3. Right-click a baseline to see more options.