Deleting file content from the repository

You can permanently delete the content associated to a version of a file. You cannot recover the file content after it has been deleted.

Note: Deleting content is different from deleting files from your sandbox or repository workspace. Only an administrator can delete content. For more information about deleting files from your sandbox or repository workspace, see Restoring deleted files or folders.
Note: We recommend that you do not delete file content that is the latest version in a component. For example, if you delete the content of the latest version of a file in a stream, when you load the file, the content in your sandbox contains a message indicating that the content was deleted by an administrator.

To delete the content of a file that is the latest version in a stream, you can delete the file from the stream. You can also deliver a change with new file content, then delete the file version that you wanted to remove.


  1. To permanently delete the content referenced by a particular version of a file from the repository, navigate to the History view of a file.
  2. In the History view, in the upper-right corner, click the View Menu icon.
  3. Select Show Check-in History.
  4. In the Check-In History pane, select a checked-in version of the file.
  5. Right-click the file version; then, click Delete Content.
  6. In the Confirm content delete window, click Delete.
  7. Optional: If the content is referenced by other files in the repository, a window opens that lists all of the references. Review all of the references before deleting the content. Click Delete.


The Check-In History pane displays who deleted the content and when it was deleted. If you try to open the file version after it is deleted, a note opens that states that the content was deleted from the repository.