Viewing feeds

Feeds provide a consolidated view of the events that occur in a project or team. These events can be changes in work items, source control, builds, and so on.

Before you begin

After connecting to a repository, feeds for builds and work items are automatically generated. When you connect to the project area, a feed for the project area is generated. In addition to the generated feeds, you can subscribe to specific feeds. For more information about subscribing to feeds, see the topic about subscribing to feeds.

About this task


To view feeds, in the Team Artifacts window, right-click any of the feeds; then click Open.

The feeds are categorized in days and displays the date and time of each event. You can also search for a particular feed and use filters to view specific feeds. See information about an event by clicking it in the Feeds window.

You can also configure the settings of a feed by right-clicking a feed and clicking Properties.