Viewing promotion status

You can view the completion status of a work item or component promotion when a promotion preview or actual promotion runs. An Enterprise Extensions feed is created when you connect to a repository using Engineering Workflow Management in the Eclipse client. When you disconnect from the repository, the feed is no longer available.


  1. To view promotion events, in the Team Artifacts view, expand Feeds.
  2. Right-click Enterprise Extensions Events on host, where host is the repository where the promotion occurs.
  3. Click Open to display the promotion events in the editor.


The promotion event indicates either the success or failure of the promotion. The event also lists the promotion definition that you ran, the type of promotion, the status of the promotion, and the work items (for a work item promotion) included in the promotion. You can use promotion events to determine whether a preview promotion was run before a work item is delivered.

Promotion events are stored in the repository and have the same expiration as other component events. The default expiration is set to 14 days, but you can modify the expiration for the events in the Server Advanced Properties.

The default interval for updating the feed is 180 seconds. When the interval expires, the feed queries all Enterprise Extensions events created since the last query. You can modify the interval in the properties of the Enterprise Extensions feed.

You can enable or disable the alerts from the Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse preferences.