Configuring a project area for work item packaging

You must configure your project area to specify which user roles have permission to run work item packaging.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click the project area where you made changes and select Open.
  2. On the Process Configuration tab, expand the Project Configuration node, expand the Configuration Data node, expand the Packaging node, and select Summary Work Item.
    A summary work item contains information about what you packaged, and includes links to various related artifacts. If, for example, you do a work item package, the summary work item links to the work items you packaged, and to the packaging build result. When you select this option, you can configure the summary work item that you create during packaging. This includes selecting a work item type, and a category to file the work item against. The work item is generated with Filed Against and Summary fields. If you set preconditions during work item creation, you must choose a work item type that can pass the precondition validation or disable the creation of the summary work item.
  3. On the Process Configuration tab, expand the Team Configuration node, and select Permissions.
  4. Under Roles, select the user role that you want to give permission to run packaging. While you have the role selected, scroll down to Packaging. If the box next to Packaging is checked, that role is already configured for packaging. If the box next to Packaging is not selected, select it to enable packaging.
    Repeat this for each user role you want to have permission to run packaging.
    Important: If you do not have a value for the JAZZ_USER property listed in the script that you use to start the Rational Build Agent on your build system (, add the JAZZ_USER property to your build definition or build engine. Set the Value field to the value of the JAZZ_USER environment variable that is defined in the script. If you do not add a JAZZ_USER property with build, package, and promotion permissions, the ADMIN ID is used to run promotions and packages by default. The ADMIN ID typically does not have the required permissions, so your promotions and packages fail.
  5. If you want to set a condition that must be satisfied before packaging occurs, or to set actions to be taken after packaging, do the following:
    1. Click Operation Behavior under Team Configuration.
    2. In the Operations table, next to Package Work Items (server), select the column under the role for which you want to configure the conditions and actions.
    3. Under the Operations table, click the box for Preconditions and follow-up actions are configured for this operation.
    4. To set conditions that must be satisfied before you package, click Add next to the Preconditions box, select the condition, and click OK.
      Engineering Workflow Management provides the Require Work Item States condition for you to use. If you want to apply other conditions, you must create them.
    5. To set actions to take after packaging, click Add next to the Follow-up actions box, select the actions, and click OK.
      Engineering Workflow Management provides three actions you can select:
      • Add Work Item Comment
      • Add Work Item Tags
      • Modify Work Item State
      If you want to perform other actions after packaging, you must create them.
  6. Repeat step 5 for any of the user roles that have permission to run work item packaging, and so that those user roles can also set preconditions and follow-up actions.
  7. If you made any changes to the project area to enable packaging of work items, click Save.