Viewing the operation history of a workspace

The Operation History view of a workspace displays changes that you make in that workspace. You can also view operation history for a stream.

About this task

The types of changes that are displayed in the operation history view include:

  • Creating change sets, checking changes into a change set, and closing change sets.
  • Creating baselines or snap shots.
  • Accepting change sets or baselines into a workspace.
  • Delivering change sets or baselines into a stream.
  • Suspending, resuming, or discarding change sets.
  • Adding, removing, or replacing components in a workspace.

The operation history view displays the list of operations that are performed on the workspace, including which components were affected, which user made the change, and when the change was made. You can expand individual operations to view details about specific change sets or baselines.


  1. Select the stream or workspace in the Team Artifacts view or Pending Changes view.
  2. Right-click and click Show > Operation History to open the history view of the operations that were performed on that workspace. For each operation, the History view lists an operation summary, the user who performed the operation, and the date and time that the operation was performed.
  3. The summary can be expanded to show details, which can contain which components were affected, and change sets or baselines added or removed.
    1. To explore the change sets that were part of an operation, select the operation summary; right-click, and click Open Change Explorer or Open Change Summary.
    2. Double-click individual change sets in an operation summary to open that change set in the Change Summary view.
  4. Optional: Right-click on an operation summary and click Create repository workspace to create a new repository workspace with contents from the point in time of that operation.
  5. Optional: Right-click on an operation summary and click Compare With Another Repository Workspace or Stream... to select another workspace or stream to compare against the selected operation. This action compares the state of the current workspace at the time of the operation against the selected workspace or stream.
  6. Optional: Select two operations in the view, right-click, and click Compare With Each Other to compare the contents of the workspace as it was at the times of the selected operations.
  7. Optional: Right-click on an operation summary and click Rollback to roll a workspace back to a previous state.
  8. Optional: Right-click on an operation summary and click Replace in Workspace or Stream to select a repository workspace or stream to replace. The selected repository workspace or stream has its content replaced with the current workspace as it was at the selected time.