Requesting a Linux deployment

To deploy a package, request a deployment from the deployment definition you associated with a build agent on a deployment server. The deployment uses the information you included in your deployment definition to deploy a package to a runtime environment.

About this task

To request a Linux® deployment, you must first create a Linux deployment definition.


  1. Expand your project area, then Enterprise Extensions > Deployments, then right-click your Linux deployment definition.
  2. Select Request Deployment.
    The Request Deployment wizard opens.
  3. If it is not already expanded, expand the Deployment Options node and select one deployment type:
    • Load and deploy: This is the default. This option invokes the Load and Deploy actions you specified in your deployment definition.
    • Load: This option transfers a package from the packaging server to the deployment server using the transfer method you specified in your deployment definition.
    • Deploy: On a Linux machine, the first package you loaded that you have not yet deployed is deployed to the runtime environment, according to the properties you specified in your deployment definition.
    • Rollback: This option rolls back your package to the previously deployed state by reverting all changes made by the deployment of that package.
  4. Optional: Select Open summary work item.
  5. Click Submit.

What to do next

Now you can check your deployment results. For more information, see Checking deployment results.