Creating snapshots

A snapshot records the current baselines of each component in a repository workspace or stream. You can take a snapshot to create a record of the configuration of a collection of components. Whenever you want, you can return to the previous snapshot configuration.


  1. On the Welcome to Source Control page, navigate to the repository workspace or stream that you want to create a snapshot of. Click the create snapshot icon: Create snapshot
  2. Now you can create a new snapshot for the repository workspace or the stream. Enter the name of the snapshot.
    Edit baseline
  3. Optional: To select specific components to be included in the snapshot, click Advanced.
  4. Optional: You can enter the description if required. Select the Create new baselines, even for unchanged components checkbox to create a new baseline for each of the selected components.
  5. Click OK and then, click Save.

What to do next

  • Locate snapshots: To see snapshots of a repository workspace or stream, navigate to any repository workspace or stream and click the Snapshot tab.
  • New repository workspace from snapshot: Create a new repository workspace from the snapshot.
  • New stream from snapshot: Create a new stream from the snapshot.
  • Set owner: Associate a snapshot to a stream or repository workspace.
  • Delete: Delete a snapshot.
  • Compare with: Compare a snapshot with another snapshot or a snapshot from a stream or repository workspace.