Creating baselines

A baseline records the current configuration of a component in a repository workspace or stream.

About this task

A baseline is a repository object that records the state of a component at a specific time. Each component has at least one baseline, which is created when the component is created.


  1. Navigate to the stream or repository workspace editor for which to create a component baseline.
  2. Under Components, hover over the component for which to create a baseline.
  3. In the Actions column, click the New Baseline icon New baseline.
  4. In the New Baseline for Component dialog box, enter a name and description for the baseline.
    Note: To see the list of existing baselines for the component, click Details. You might want to use a naming convention so that all baseline names have a similar construction that conveys meaning. Engineering Workflow Management source control adds a number to the start of the baseline name. You can use any UTF-8 characters to create baseline or component names.
  5. To create the baseline, click OK.
    Tip: To view the history of baselines for a component, click the Show Baselines icon Show baselinefor that component.