The code review tool

The code review tool is a web-based review tool that integrates with Engineering Workflow Management source control and work items. The tool provides a code review presentation that you can attach to a work item type.

The actual review and other steps that are involved in a code review cycle is done by using the web client. The code review page can be accessed from the code review presentation section in the work item. The code review page has two tabs, Overview and Review. Overview displays the details of code review status, reviewers, change sets, issues, and extracted work items. It provides options to add or remove reviewers and change the target stream if required. Review tab displays a compare editor where the reviewers can conduct review and raise issues. It also provides filtering and action buttons for the author and reviewers.

The Code Reviews page lists all your code review work items under three sections: Pending Reviews, Submitted Reviews and Completed Reviews. Pending Reviews lists the work items that are pending for your review. Submitted Reviews lists the work items that you submitted for review. Completed Reviews lists the work items that you submitted for review and are completed by the reviewers. To access the Code Reviews page, click Source Control > Code Reviews from your project page. For any work item listed, click the work item link to go to the work item editor. To open the code review page for a work item, click the Open Code Review icon under Actions column. To reload the work items under a section, from the section header, click the Refresh icon.