Creating component baselines

A component baseline saves the current state of the component. Suppose that you have to deliver a critical change set that can affect the component. Before delivering the change set, you can take the baseline of the component as a preventive measure. After delivering the critical change set, if you think that something has gone wrong, you can replace it with the baseline component.


  1. In the Pending Changes tool window, navigate to the component that you want to baseline.
  2. Right-click the component and click New > Baseline.
  3. Type a logical name for the baseline and click OK. If there are unresolved changes in the component, a dialog box is displayed. To create the baseline without unresolved changes, click OK.
    Note: You can use any UTF-8 characters to create baseline or component names.
    You can see the baseline inside the Outgoing folder of the component.

What to do next

Right-click the baseline to do the following operations:
  • Deliver: Delivers the baseline to the component's flow target.
  • Expand Children: Expands all the folders inside the baseline.