Managing source code on IBM i

The processes for managing change and releases on IBM® i are similar to those for other platforms. The instances in which additional features and functions are available or additional tasks are required for IBM i are documented in this section. You can manage Power Systems Software source code with the IBM i Projects feature.

Before you begin

Before you can manage IBM i artifacts on IBM i, you must create i Projects that contain the artifacts. There are several ways to create i Projects. Refer to Power Systems Software documentation for details on creating i Projects.

Next you must create a repository connection. See Connecting to repositories and project areas.

About this task

After you create an i Project and specify your repository location, you can make your i Project available to other team members.


  1. From the popup menu for your project, select Team > Share Project. The Share Project wizard opens.
    Note: Do not share the RemoteSystemsTempFiles temporary project created by Remote Systems Explorer to a Power Systems Software repository.
  2. Select Jazz Source Control and click Next.
  3. Specify the repository workspace to use.
    1. If you select Jazz Source Control and you have an existing repository workspace and component in which you want to place the project, leave Select a component or folder in an existing repository workspace selected, expand the workspace, and select a component. To place the project in a new component in an existing repository workspace, select the workspace, click New Component, enter a name for the new component, click OK, and select the new component in the list. Click Next.
    2. If you have not created a repository workspace, or you want to create one, select Create a new repository workspace named, enter a name for the workspace, and click Next. Select Share with a component from an existing stream, expand the stream, select a component, and click Next. Alternately, you can select Share with a component from an existing stream, select that stream from the list, and click Next or Finish.
  4. If your project contains any file types or folders that are ignored by Eclipse, the wizard prompts you to review them. For more information, see Selecting resources to exclude from Jazz® source control.
  5. Click Finish.
    The project is added to a component in a repository workspace. Changes that you make in the project are copied to the repository workspace when you check them in.