Setting up your deployment for live logging

In order to use live logging, you need to configure your CCM application to connect it to an MQTT broker.

About this task

Note: The build toolkit deployed on the machine where the builds run must be of version 6.0.6 or later in order to use live logging.
If you have configured your CCM application(s) as a cluster, you do not need to do the following steps, because live logging will reuse the MQTT broker configuration. If you do need to configure your CCM application, note that clustering is not required, and you can set up the broker connection following the steps.


  1. Log in to the server on the first node.
  2. Click Application.
  3. Under Configuration, click Advanced Properties.
  4. Search for and click Edit in the title bar.
  5. In the Current Value field for MQTT Broker address, enter the IP address or hostname of the MQTT broker (Eclipse Amlen), followed by the port number that you specified when you configured the endpoint in Eclipse Amlen.
  6. Click Preview to save the changes.
  7. Restart your CCM application for the changes to take effect.

What to do next

Enable live logging for your build