Setting up personal dependency build options

Starting with version 5.0, by default, personal dependency builds build only outgoing change sets. In previous versions, all changes were built because no option existed to change the scope of personal builds. If your team prefers to build all changes when personal builds are run, you can change the property that controls the build.

Before you begin

You must be logged in to the Administration page of Jazz® Team Server. You must be a member of the JazzAdmins group to manage dependency build properties on the server.

About this task

In version 4.0.6 and earlier, when you request a personal build, your repository workspace is compared to the last successful team build. Then, all incoming and outgoing changes are built by using the version of the files in your repository workspace. You can change the default option so that personal builds build the difference between your personal repository workspace and the last successful team build.


  1. Log in to the Administration page of the Jazz Team Server. In a web browser, go to https://[fully qualified hostname]:9443/ccm/admin
    Remember: The fully qualified hostname is the host name and the DNS domain reference of the system on which the Jazz Team Server is installed.
  2. On the Server Administration page, in the Configuration section, click Advanced Properties.
  3. Scroll to the Enterprise Dependency Build Configuration Property Provider section. Next to the Consider only outgoing change sets in personal builds property, click Edit and set the property to True. Click Save.